Withdrawing A Bid

Bid Withdraw Process

Because we can't always be perfect it may occur that a bid needs to be withdrawn in order to make changes. This is a simple process, but it does require approval from the buyer. Here's how to do it. 


To initiate the process all you need to do is click the "Withdraw Bid" button found at the bottom of the submitted bid. Clicking this button will bring up a popup window informing you that the buyer may reject or approve your withdraw request. Because of this, it may be necessary to contact the buyer to let them know why you are withdrawing the bid. Once you are ready to send the withdraw request click the "Yes" button. Once you have done so the buyer will receive email notification of your withdraw request. Should the buyer accept the withdraw the bid will be editable again so that you can make the changes you need. Once you've completed those edits you can resubmit the bid.


Once the vendor has submitted their withdraw request you will need to approve it from the request review page. Bid withdraws will be marked by a yellow withdraw box on the response status bar. To the right of this you will find "Action Required" in yellow text. Click this text to bring up a popup that will allow you to accept or reject the bid withdraw request. If you accept the widthraw request the vendor's bid will immediately become editable so that they may make changes to the bid. 

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