Assigning Vendor Templates


In order to assign a template to a Vendor you will have at least one template available to assign. A guide on how to create Vendor Templates can be found here: Creating Vendor Templates

Assigning Templates

In order to assign a Vendor Template to a Vendor you'll need to go to Vendors > Manage Your Vendors and then select a Vendor from the list on that page. This will take you to that Vendor's page. Just below the main information header you will see a row of tabs. By default, the first tab selected is the Attributes tab which is where we will assign our template. Simply click the dropdown next to Template: and select the template you would like to assign to the Vendor. That's it! The template is now ready to be filled out by your team and/or the Vendor. To let the Vendor know that you are requesting that they fill out their template click the "Invite Vendor To Complete" button on the right side of the main information header. This will send an email to the Vendor letting them know their template is ready to be filled out. 

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