Adding team members to requests and auctions

For most users, you will need to add them to a request or auction in order for them to view and participate in the event. A user will need to have an account with your organization before they can be added as a team member. See our help article on how to invite colleagues to your organization if you need help with this. 

Adding users as team members

Adding team members to requests and auctions both follow a very similar process. When viewing the request or auction there will be a team tab that will show you the view below: 

At first, there will only be one user listed under team. This will be whoever accepted the request/auction. This user will then need to add other team members by selecting them from the list shown. If your organization has a lot of users you may need to search for them in the search box in the middle of the view. Colleagues without an account can be added here as well using the Invite Them To Vendorful button. Users created this way will be automatically added as a team member.  

Once a user is added to the request/auction they will be able to participate in that event and modify it according to the permissions they have which can be set with the icons next to their name. 


Below are a couple of quick demos that show the full process for adding team members.

For a request

For an auction

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