Onboarding and Completing Company Info

Vendorful makes it easy for vendors to add and/or update their company information. This process usually begins when a buyer sends an invitation to onboard. You will find out about this when you receive an email, which will look like this:

Setting up Your Vendorful User Account

In order to log into Vendorful and set up your company information, you need to create a user account first. To do this, simply click the "Create Your Account" button. This will take you to the Access Request page in the Vendorful web application. If the information looks correct, go ahead and click the submit button. You can also change your email address if you'd prefer to use an alternate one. (This sometimes happens when people have an alias like sales@companyname.com.)

Your request will be submitted to Vendorful staff and approved once validated. You will then receive an email, confirming your account and prompting you to complete your profile. Click the button in the email and you'll be able to set up your password.

Completing the Onboarding Process

Now that you have a user account and can log into Vendorful, you can proceed to the onboarding process. Note that any subsequent changes you make to your company's information will not require setting up a new user account. You will simply log in and do what you need to do. Go back to the initial welcome email and click the link to submit your company information:

By clicking this link, you will be taken to the "attributes" page. At the top of the page, you will see the name of the buyer company in question. Bear in mind that you might be asked to onboard for multiple customers of yours that use Vendorful. By looking at the name at the top of page, you can see which customer is asking for the information.

Click the "Expand All" button to see all the attributes you need to add or update.Note that the attributes are grouped by section. In this example, there are three sections:

  1. General Info
  2. Certification
  3. Pricing

Making changes is easy. You simply click the pencil icon next to the word "EDIT." Make all your changes to a section and save them. There are a few additional things to bear in mind as you complete this process.

  • Attribute icons: You will see two different kinds of icons. The ones with which you should concern yourself while onboarding is the one with two people. This icons signifies that the field is editable by you, the vendor. The other icon, which looks like an eyeball, indicates that you can read the value that was placed there by the buyer, but that you can't edit it.
  • Time stamps: The time stamp will change as you update the information.
  • Validation: If you see a grayed-out icon (note TAX ID in the screenshot above), this indicates that the information you're entering needs to be validated. There are two kinds of validation. One is vendor driven, where you will be asked to verify that the data you've entered is true and accurate before the changes are recorded. The other is buyer driven, where the vendor will have the opportunity to approve or reject the data that you've submitted. If any field is rejected, you will be notified and the reason will be shared with you so you can take any required corrective action.

Ad Hoc Updates

After onboarding, if you would like to make any changes to your vendor profile, you can simply log into Vendorful. There will be two ways to do this. As soon as you log in, you will see a section on your Dashboard that is titled "Onboarding." You can complete some of the attributes inline and click "View All Attributes" to drill down further. Please note that you will see the name of the buyer in question — Vendorful, Inc. in this case — just under where it says "Onboarding."

If you have multiple buyers using Vendorful or simply prefer access the onboarding a different way, you can click with link in the nav bar that says "Onboarding." From there, you will be taken to a list page that displays all of your buyers on Vendorful.

By clicking the name of the buyer in question, you will arrive back at the drill-down page where you can update the attribute data as you see fit.

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