Requesting a new Vendorful password

Note: In order to experience the full Vendorful app we recommend using browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Using a browser such as Microsoft Explorer will lead to issues due to the lack of compatibility. 

How to reset your password

At the login page for Vendorful underneath the email and password fields will be a blue button that reads Forgot your password?. Clicking this link will then prompt you to enter the email of the Vendorful account that you want to change the password for. Simply enter your email and click SEND ME A PASSWORD RESET LINK

An email containing instructions on resetting your account password will be sent.

Note: Be sure to click Reset Password on the latest email as the reset links expire when a new link is sent (if attempted to click a link that is expired you will see a warning)

After clicking the link sent in the email you will then be prompted to enter a new password.

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