How do I manage user permissions?

In addition to allowing users to be assigned to Groups,  which is the simplest way to apply permissions by default and in bulk, Vendorful has very granular permissions that can be applied to users. These permissions enable/disable access to particular features so that your organization can determine how Vendorful is used and by whom. To access user permissions, click where you find your name to display the drop-down list and then select "My Organization."

One there, you will see some tabs. Make sure that you select the Users tab to see a list of your organization's registered Vendorful users. Find the user you want and then click to drill down one level further.

You're almost there! Once you've clicked on the user, you will see a screen like the one below:

From here, you can select which permissions apply to the user. Note that your organization might not have signed up for access to all of Vendorful's features. Consequently, the specific options on this screen may be different for you as compared to what's illustrated above. Click the relevant permissions for the user. When a box is checked, it means that the permission is activated, i.e., the feature is enabled for the specific user. This page autosaves in real time as it's updated. When you're done making changes, you can simply click to another page or close the browser.

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